Mr Ren Ji

Getting my Toyota C-HR with Venture Cars was a breeze. Not only are they CaseTrust accredited but being conveniently located so near my work place, I had to go with them! I had a superb agent who knew polite and accommodating to all my questions. I highly recommend them!

Lau Shu Neng

Venture Cars had the car model I wanted and the affordable price encouraged my purchase with them. My reliable sales agent helped me overcome the common stigma that comes with PIs.

Chia Kwek Seong

We had excellent service with a very helpful agent who provided valuable information. Every aspect of his service was excellent from product knowledge, courtesy and attentiveness.

Leong Qin Yan

The positive reviews and establishment gave me the confidence to purchase with them. I was initially worried that the performance of the car was going to be compromised but the I'm beyond satisfied with product and price. The sales process was structured and pretty efficient. I was glad to have a sales agent that was not only attentive but responsive and courteous too.

Mr Lee Chong Teck

Venture Cars is definitely a trusted dealer with reasonably priced cars. Overall satisfaction with my product with an exceptional service and product.

Mr Allan Chiew

Good service! Sales agent was helpful each step of the way and very informative.

Mr Vivek Singh

Venture Cars influenced my decision in purchasing as they were more reliable in terms of their feedback compared to other PI importers. My sales agent helped overcome my skepticism by helping in every aspect of the purchase.

Koh Chin Peng

Good reviews from sgCarMart and Hardware Zone. The car was delivered to my expectations. My sales consultant was very helpful and friendly. He makes an effort to check and confirm issues if he is unsure and he responds to my enquiries promptly.

Lu Shan

SVTA-CaseTrust Accredited car dealer and business looking showroom. Fast delivery and decent price.

Ong Kee Siong

Bought my Toyota C-HR through a friend's recommendation. Good price and quality!