Yeo Li Yong

" I first saw Venture Cars ad in the newspaper and the car pricing influenced me. I am quite satisfied with my purchase."- Yeo Li Yong

Lau Hwai Ping

"I wanted to change from saloon car to Hybrid SUV and Venture Cars had this option. So, I decided to purchase my new car from them. I liked the staff courtesy and my SC was also very prompt & attentive. I will surely recommend them to my friend." -Lau Hwai Ping

Melvin Yap Yang Yueng

"My friend suggested me to purchase a new car from Venture Cars. I liked the overall experience. My SC was very Friendly and Professional, Showed us all the features of the car, took time to explain, did everything he promised and lastly, very prompt response. My wife is already recommending them." -Melvin Yap

Low Lee Tao

"My friends recommended me to purchase a new car with Venture Cars. It was a very good experience with them. My SC was very attentive and knowledgable. I would 100% recommend them if my SC remains with the company." - Low Lee Tao

Rodney Goh

"I was looking for Honda Shuttle Hybrid model and Venture Cars had this. So, it influenced my purchase decision and I am satisfied with it. I would highly recommend them for their good service." - Rodney Goh

Wong Lai San

"I first saw Venture Cars Facebook ad and was straight away served by an SC. Initially, we're afraid of PI as there were many bad incidents in the press. After coming down to the Venture Cars showroom and looking at their past track records, we got convinced with them. Our SC was also very attentive and explained about the car during collection. I would highly recommend them to my friend because it's an honest and good company." -Wong Lai San