About Us


Your One-Stop Trusted Parallel Importer in Singapore!


At Venture Cars, we turn every journey into an adventure. As your trusted road companion, we offer a diverse range of Japanese mass-market cars tailored to fit every lifestyle and budget.

Established in 2009 as a subsidiary of BW Automobiles, Venture Cars was born to meet the growing demand for brand new cars. Our name reflects our mission – to venture into the world of new Japanese mass-market cars.

Built on the foundation of affordable luxury, Venture Cars is your portal to stylish and dependable automobiles. Our showroom is a vibrant hub where car enthusiasts and savvy buyers alike discover their perfect match.



Explore our extensive selection, from sleek sedans to versatile SUVs, each meticulously inspected for top-notch quality. With a commitment to value without compromise, Venture Cars delivers the best in class.

But we're more than just a dealership – we're your journey partners. Our dedicated team is here to guide you,

from selecting the ideal car to providing exceptional after-sales service. We aim to make your car-buying experience seamless and enjoyable.

At Venture Cars, the adventure of driving begins. So come on down to Venture Cars and kickstart your Adventure today!