7 Benefits of 6 Months Car Leasing

The Lease Buyback Scheme is our unique car lease programme that allows you to drive a car for a 6 month period at a fixed monthly rate and a refundable security deposit of S$5000. Also, it covers all the costs associated with the ownership of a car. Venture Cars gives you an option to select your ride from a wide range of Hybrid JDM models.




Prius 1.8S 1,650
C-HR Hybrid S 1,750


Shuttle Hybrid 1,500
Vezel Hybrid X 1,600
Freed Hybrid G 1,700







There are 4 options to choose from after your lease period is over:

      1.   Re-lease the car:

You get a chance to lease the same model for another 6 months

      2.   Release the car:

You can just return the car and take back your refundable security deposit

      3.   Buy the car:

If you like the model, go for it! Buy it at a 6 months ago price.

Additionally, use all your 6 months’ rental charges to offset the purchase price

      4.   Lease another vehicle:

Not satisfied with the one you drove for 6 months? You got an alternative to lease a different vehicle for another 6 months




  1. Life is at ease with a lease

Sometimes you don’t want to put 40-50% of your car price in the down-payment. Companies might offer you different percentages of down-payment but at Venture Cars, you just have to pay S$5000 as a refundable security deposit and you are good to lease a car for 6 months or more. Your cash flow is not locked in your car’s initial payment and you are free to use it on other commitments.


  1. Massive Savings- Win-Win

6 months of car leasing proves to be a ‘Smart Saving Win-Win Plan’. You get to lock in the price for 6 months and you could use the rental charges incurred to offset the car price if you decide to buy the car after the lease expires. In the unlikely event that car prices are lower after 6 months, you are free to drop key and return the car with no other obligations.


Honda Vezel Hybrid Price 6 months ago was S$92,888.

Now the current price is S$103,888.

You still get to purchase the same car at S$92,888 plus you get to offset S$1600 x 6 (S$9600) from your purchase price.


  1. Helps in deciding which model to buy

If you’re unsure about the model to go for, 6 months trial on the lease is helpful for giving you the surety. You can either purchase the same car or the other one after the lease period is over.


  1. You get to change the car every 6-12 months

If you have a tendency to switch to a new car every 6 months or a year then this is an option to look for.


  1. Protected from the risk of car ownership

Who doesn’t like to pay a fixed cost every month? This gives you better control over your car’s expenditure. Your car’s insurance, road tax and maintenance are factored into the monthly leasing cost and you do not have to worry about major repairs. You will always have a replacement vehicle in the event of major breakdowns.


  1. Good for a short term stay

If you are in Singapore only for 2-5 years, buying a car could be a costly affair for you. With the 6 months lease contract, you can just move by taking your $5000 refundable deposit without worrying about the selling of the car.


  1. Bypass the high COE Prices

You pay the fixed monthly rental and once you decide to buy back a car after 6 months, you pay the ‘lock in 6 months ago price’ regardless of the current high COE price. In case, the COE prices after 6 months go down (very unlikely); you get an opportunity to purchase a new car at a lower price.



  1. You must be 22 -65 years old.
  2. You must have 2 years of driving experience.
  3. A refundable security deposit of S$5000 is required upon signing of the leasing agreement.
  4. Private Hire is not allowed.
  5. Mileage cap is 15,000 Km.






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