Should you lease or buy a car in Singapore?

 Home > Blog > Should you lease or buy a car in Singapore?   Wondering To Buy Or Lease A Car In Singapore?? Singapore is known for its expensive cost of car ownership. Why is this so? In line with the government’s position to maintain healthy car population, clever use of monetary controls with economics allow the prices of cars to fluctuate based on market conditions.  The price of a new car depends ...


Is it worth owning a car in Singapore?

 Home > Blog > Is it worth owning a car in Singapore?   Is it worth it to own a car in Singapore? Cars have often been the subject of hot debate in here, whether its value justifies its price. The most common factor that we often hear is the cost. Singapore, being such a small country, has public transport readily accessible almost everywhere. Going to the Zoo? There’s a shuttle bus that leaves from Khatib Stat...


All About Noah, Voxy, Esquire

Home > Blog > All About Noah, Voxy, Esquire   Since launching in 2014, the third-generation Toyota Noah has been one of the best-selling minivans for the Japanese automotive giant. So much so that it has spawned 2 other variations since, the Voxy and Esquire. With the line-up of Toyota’s flagship minivan getting bigger, so does the issue of deciding which model is right for you. In this article, we’ll be diving...