COE Price Release - Our Take On It

For those who are still relatively unfamiliar with the concept of COE, let us run through the fundamentals. The certificate of entitlement, or better known as COE, is the quota license received after a successful open bidding system. Anyone who wishes to register a new vehicle in Singapore must first obtain a COE, which represents the right to vehicle ownership and use of limited road space for 10 years. After the 10 year period, you may deregister your v...


7 Benefits of 6 Months Car Leasing

The Lease Buyback Scheme is our unique car lease programme that allows you to drive a car for a 6 month period at a fixed monthly rate and a refundable security deposit of S$5000. Also, it covers all the costs associated with the ownership of a car. Venture Cars gives you an option to select your ride from a wide range of Hybrid JDM models.     TOYOTA MODEL MONTHLY RENTAL (S$) Prius 1.8S 1,650 C-HR Hybrid S 1,...


How The Latest VES Scheme Will Affect Car Buyers In Singapore

Cars affected by the Change in VES come 1st July! Currently the VES banding is based on 4 pollutants namely carbon monoxide(CO),  hydrocarbons(HC), nitrogen oxides(NOx) and carbon dioxide(Co2) but by 1st July 2018 a 5th pollutant known as particulate matter(PM) will also be factored in and how is this going to affect car buyers? Which are the models affected and after 1st July, how much more do you have to pay to own that same model which you have b...