How The Latest VES Scheme Will Affect Car Buyers In Singapore

Cars affected by the Change in VES come 1st July! Currently the VES banding is based on 4 pollutants namely carbon monoxide(CO),  hydrocarbons(HC), nitrogen oxides(NOx) and carbon dioxide(Co2) but by 1st July 2018 a 5th pollutant known as particulate matter(PM) will also be factored in and how is this going to affect car buyers? Which are the models affected and after 1st July, how much more do you have to pay to own that same model which you have b...


VES vs CEVS: How much will it affect your car buying decision?

Come January 2018, the current Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle (CEVS) scheme will be replaced by the new Vehicle Emission Scheme (VES). It was announced earlier this year by the National Environment Agency for the purpose of improving air quality and thereby improving public health but what does this really mean for car buyers in Singapore? Unlike CEVS which only takes carbon-based emissions, it now takes into account four additional pollutants in the crite...


TOYOTA C-HR Hybrid ICON & Hybrid S Comparison

Home > Blog > TOYOTA C-HR Hybrid ICON & Hybrid S Comparison   The Toyota C-HR is the new kid on the block. A quick search on sgCarMart reveals that the C-HR comes with a variety of specifications. You have the option of getting the hybrid on non-hybrid variant manufactured either in the UK or Japan. At Venture Cars, we are retailing the Toyota C-HR Hybrid ICON (UK) & the Toyota C-HR Hybrid S (JP). A quick look...