Angeline Ng

"I was not sure about the timely delivery of the car by PI, but Venture Carsprovided me with a very good deal along with the excellent service." - Angeline Ng

Ong Sok Gek

"I was very much influenced by the Facebook reviews and it proved to be correct when I visited them. They were professional in answering my queries and I'll recommend them for their good customer service." - Ong Sok Gek

Lim Choo He

"I first heard about Venture Cars on Facebook and directly visited the showroom. Our SC was very warm, kind and explained everything about the car in detail." -Lim Choo He

Cheah Eng Hong

"I first heard about Venture Cars during roadshow and I liked the model of the car. Would like to quote that my SC explained every fine point very clearly. He was patient and helpful." - Cheah Eng Hong

Tan Boon Huat

"I first saw Venture Cars in the roadshow and was prepared to purchase my new car with them. Also, my SC was very friendly, attentive and provided me with a worthy deal." -Tan Boon Huat

James Tan

"Venture Cars had the VAC Ready Stock for my desired model and it influenced my car purchase decision." -James Tan

Winson Lim

I was initially not sure about PI but Venture Cars is a reputable car dealer. Moreover, the price and promo package was attractive. Also, the SC who served me was very responsive and answered most of my queries. I would surely recommend them to my friends

Tham Eng Kit

"I first saw Venture Cars on Facebook and made my mind to purchase a new car from them. I was initially worried about the PI purchasing method but after going through the process, it was a great experience. It was very hassle-free because my SC updated me throughout the purchase process. I would recommend them for these very transparent prices with no hidden costs attached." - Tham Eng Kit

Luo Guoliang

"I was doubtful about the on-time delivery of my car, but Venture Cars made the delivery when it was meant to be. The price and Case-Trust Accreditation are two factors that attracted me towards them. Also, my SC was sincere and professional, I would recommend them surely." - Luo Guoliang

Ho Seo Leng

"I was sceptical about the PI character but Venture Cars is a Case-Trust Accredited company and professional one. My SC was very excellent and a confidence builder. I'll definitely recommend them. " - Ho Seo Leng

Tan Chwan Hwang

"I got attracted by Venture Cars when I first saw them on Facebook saying '1 Bid Guaranteed COE'. I really appreciate the salesman who explained the very attractive instalment package on lease to own without hiding any details. Very satisfied with the full accessorised car delivered to me and I'll surely recommend them for their services and offers. " - Tan Chwan Hwang

Yeo Soo Tze

"I really got influenced by the car prices that Venture Cars have. Overall purchase experience with them was excellent." - Yeo Soo Tze