Mr Loo

Clear explanation on the car. The sales agent was transparent, straightforward and able to meet my expectations.

Chris Cheong

I love the sporty feel of the Baleno and was surprised with the many safety features of the car. Venture Cars was the only dealer offering this car and the price and package was right for me. The sales service rendered to me was good. Sales agent was patient and tried to accommodate my requests.

Yang Cher Ming

Good pricing and attractive package that comes with an in-house warranty. The showroom is nice which ease my concerns. Sales agent is attentive and down to earth.


Pleasant looking sales lady - provided a very detailed explanation of the car features. Service provided was excellent!

Issac Cheng

Competitive price and fast delivery (2 weeks). The usual concerns with PI dealers were unfounded with Venture Cars.

Eric Tung

The only dealer to offer the Voxy Hybrid and they have ready stocks hence delivery was fast. The sales process was clear and transparent.

Joseph Thomas

My relative referred me to Venture Cars to purchase my Honda Vezel. Everything was satisfactory, agent was knowledgeable and helpful.

Karen Lim

I purchased from Venture Cars due to competitive pricing and stock availability. Sales agent gave very clear explanation and good recommendations. He was attentive to my needs. Keep up the great job!

Ang Suan Choo

I contacted Venture Cars first before i headed down to visit them. Their replies are fast and responsive. Service was good. Sales agent was good looking and humourous

Rachel Sheryl Lim

Was recomended by friends to purchase from Venture Cars. Service provided was up to my expectations, Sales agent was flexible to meeting the client's need as well.