It was the first time we were purchasing a hybrid vehicle. Venture Cars provided a very good explaination on how hybrid cars function and work. The ease of trading my previous car with Venture Cars was also easy. I am satisfied with my purchase!

Andre Lim

Good service from him. Open, and attentive to my needs. I was updated on my car status from beginning to end. Like many, i wondered if this agent can deliver my car on time as promised, however my concern turns out to be invalid. I hope that we will experience the same service during post/after sales service.

Low Leong Chai

I was eyeing the Sienta due to its comfort and space especially at the 3rd row. The price quoted for a Sienta in Venture Cars was competitive. Was actually skeptical on whther Venture Cars was able to deliver my car but it turned out well in the end. If the opportunity arises, i will definitely recommend Venture Cars to my friends.


Brought my Totoya Aqa car during The Cars @ Expo exhibition. I wasn't sure about purchasing from a parallel importer but the friendly service and good promo deals were attractive enough for me to purchase from them. Sales representatives were all pleasant looking and prompt to update me on the status of my car. Overall, good service. Thanks!

Alice Ng

Bought my Toyota Aqua from Venture Cars and I have nothing but praises for them. The staff were helpful and professional, with great product knowledge from the cars to accessories like in-vehicle cameras and blue flame coating. Every detail was carefully and patiently explained so you know exactly what you are paying for. After sales service is great too. When I encounter problems with my car, be it a flat tyre or problems with my camera, I just have to give them a call and they would assist me the best they can. They even provide English manuals! Definitely a PI I would stick to for all my future vehicular needs!

Goh Yang Tian

I purchased my Toyota Prius from Venture Cars as they had ready stocks available and it was much more affordable than what authorized dealers were offering me. My only concern was that Venture Cars was not listed among the Case Trust - SVTA Accredited list. It was rectified when i was presented the email correspondences of Venture Cars to obtain case trust accreditation. I am satisfied with the service and fast delivery of the car (within 2 weeks). It is the exact same car and feature that the authorized dealers were offering. Car information and advice provided by sales agent was accurate and informative.

Valerie Ng

Got my Toyota Aqua at The Car Expo show with Venture Cars at a good promotional price. I am extremely satisfied by the service rendered. No complains about it. Regards!

Ignatious Quek

Went around visiting a few parallel importers as i would like to get a car as soon as possible without having to wait for it. Purchased my Toyota Aqua from Venture Cars as they had ready stock and the price was extremely attractive. I got my car in a month time after placing the deposit. The car is attractive on the outside and the interior fitting looks professionally done. Sales agent was also not pushy and provided me with good service throughout. I am satisfied with my purchase.

Tracy Lee

Purchased my Harrier from Venture Cars during The Cars exhibition at Expo and received my car early June. The sales consultant provided good service and passed on accurate product information to me. He was sincere and also prompt with his updates. Although Venture Cars is a relatively fresh player in the PI sector, Venture Cars grew out of BW Automobiles to cater to the demand for PI cars in Singapore. I would recommend people who are thinking of purchasing a car to drop by Venture Cars to enquire further.


Initially, we were scared that the quality of service that we will be provided by a PI car dealer will be shabby however the service that we received was very good and Venture Cars assisted me in picking the right car that suits my needs. They also have the color that i wanted. Their other staff were also very helpful and friendly and we got our car faster than expected. It would be better if Venture Cars can bring in more car color choices to pamper their customers!

Lee Yeong Kwang

Although I was skeptical about purchasing from a parallel importer, i ended up still purchasing from Venture Cars due to their attractive packages. I trusted that they will be able to handle the sales process well as BW Automobiles (Venture Cars is their subsidiary) has been around for 10 years and they did. The sales personnels were very willing to share their car knowledge with us, i would definitely recommend Venture Cars to my friends if they are interested in purchasing Honda cars.