Alyani Mohamed Husain

"I decided to purchase my new car from Venture Cars because of the strong recommendation from my aunt. I am extremely impressed by the honest explanation given by my SC during the purchase. He was very professional, quick and friendly." -Alyani Mohamed Husain

Lin Simin

" I heard rumours about unreliable PIs. But Venture Cars is a case-trust accredited dealer and follows a transparent sales process. I got an excellent service by them and my SC was also very knowledgeable, gave a clear breakdown of the finances." - Lin Simin

Yeo Xueli Sally

"It was our first time purchasing a first-hand car and the entire process was a fuss-free and assuring one! All thanks to my SC! We had a lot of queries and he was really understanding and patient with us. We too, really appreciate the very prompt replies via WhatsApp. He took the initiative to update us on our car progress and this really set our minds at ease. He too spent a lot of time going through the car’s operation matters on our handover day (from the steering wheel to radio to car cam etc). Every question we had was answered!"- Yeo Xueli Sally

Tan Chun Yang

"I have a great first car purchase experience at Venture Cars! Besides doing an excellent job explaining the different features of the car, my SC was patient and attentive in sharing more about the purchase process. FYI, Venture Cars allow customers to test drive the vehicle with no purchase conditions. This is something which not all PIs provide." - Tan Chun Yang

Lee Cha Lun

"Social Media Platforms and worthy comments from buyers influenced my car purchase decision with Venture Cars. And when I encountered them, they were very reliable and transparent. I really liked the quickness and prompt updates on my questions. I would highly recommend them for their fast service." - Lee Cha Lun

Toh Peng Hua

"It was a great customer service I must say! They were very quick in their responses and that attracted me to Venture Cars! 1. Easily contactable 2. Honest 3. Keen to share information with regards to the car. Thank You!" - Toh Peng Hua

Sua Keng Wee

"I received an excellent customer service by my SC at Venture Cars- The Casetrust Accredited Parallel Importer! I am happy to share that he was very helping, courteous and patient enough to explain everything very nicely. Thanks a lot!" - Sua Keng Wee

Chua Shyong Yao Bruce

"In the whole purchase process, I was kept well updated. The staff has been patient with my queries and very prompt in their replies." - Mr. Chua Shyong Yao Bruce

Chua Sharmagne Gwen

"Likes: Polite, professional and knowledgeable. Always contactable & easy communication. Dislikes: Nothing, My SC was great. Pleasant overall first experience." - Ms. Chua Sharmagne Gwen

Fardila Binte Mahmood

My SC was friendly and attentive to details. - Fardila Binte Mahmood

Koh Jung Shen

My SC was very responsive and truthful. - Koh Jung Shen

Catherine Lim Chee Ang

My SC was able to explain everything in details and make sure I understood. He was very nice to accommodate to my request to collect my car on my birthday - Catherine Lim