Sim Eng Guan

My SC was very attentive to my needs and wants. He tries his best to accommodate to my requests. - Sim Eng Guan

Low How Chuan

My SC was attentive, wasn't hard selling, and was patient with buyers. - Low How Chuan

Tan Siew Hoon

The SC who attended to me was very friendly and courteous! - Tan Siew Hoon

Chan Chee Foo

Did some research and I've decided to make mine from Venture Cars! My SC was knowledgeable, great service! - Chan Chee Foo

Qiu Jian Hua

Great service! Would definitely recommend Venture Cars to my friends. - Qiu Jian Hua

Tan Yew Huat

Saw quite a number of good reviews on sgCarMart, thus I've decided to make my purchase with Venture Cars. My SC was not pushy and has good product knowledge. Professional and courteous service! Already recommend Venture Cars to my friends! - Tan Yew Huat


I first came across Venture Cars on Facebook filled with good testimonials. The SC attended to me was attentive, courteous and trustworthy. - Manoj Kumar


Patience and explained thoroughly to all my quires with great customer service attitude. My SC has met all my expectations and i will recommend Venture Cars to my friends. - Patrick

Mdm Huraizah

The SC who attended to us was friendly, easygoing and he accommodate to all our requests. Everything went smoothly and we're very happy with our purchase from Venture Cars! - Mdm Huraizah

Mohammad Hanieff

The attractive prices and professional services influence our decision to purchase from Venture Cars. My SC was quick to respond to all my quires. He was very proactive and have a deep understanding towards buyer's requests. - Mohammad Hanieff

Goh Guan Kiat

My SC understand my consideration. He has the ability to resolve all kind of issues this helps to build my confidence with Venture Cars. He was very professional and helpful in attending to my enquiries. - Goh Guan Kiat

Jake Tan

My SC was very helpful and will update me promptly about the status of my car from time to time. - Jake Tan