Elaine Wong

Wayne was helping me with the whole purchase. He is very patient and knowledgeable . He keep provided updates on the car collection. Excellent customer service. Definitely I will recommend to my friends.


Superb service, great product offering at fantastic price. And the add ons are very much needed. I'm happy being served by Wayne Aow. He was patient and explained small details that may not seem significant, but they are. Thanks Venture!

CK Tan

Thank you Jimmy for serving me first time car owner with so much enquires and doubts. Helpful and knowledgeable in products he sell.

Chua Boon Seok

So much good reviews about the professionalism of Jimmy and I can’t agree more on it. He’s on the ball and responsive to our queries. His patience and explanation makes the transaction a breeze. Definitely the kind of pleasant experience that every customer looks for! Keep it up!